eCabs appoint Chief Technology Officer

March 7, 2022

Technology arm poised for steady growth.


Mr. Di Michele has taken over the stewardship of the Company’s technology team, leading a growing multi-cultural team of software engineers from 13 nationalities, who are building and shaping eCabs’ mobility technology platforms together with a growing extended team composed of QA specialists, product specialists, business analysts, and data analysts.

This appointment follows the company’s recent announcement of its corporate restructuring exercise which saw the appointment of Andrew Bezzina as the new CEO for eCabs’ local operations, and Matthew Bezzina as the leader for global operations and CEO for Cuorium Technologies, eCabs’ Technology arm.

Luca Di Michele joined eCabs in June of 2018 as a Senior Developer and in September of 2019, he was appointed Head of Development, heading the team of developers at the newly set up Cuorium Technologies.

“The company has been going through interesting phases of renewal and transformation over the past few years, and I feel privileged to have been an integral part in shaping this transformation. We have built an awesome team of professionals here whom I am proud to have as colleagues, all of whom are driven by the same passion to see their creations come to life, being given the liberty to explore and lead new technologies. We have exciting times ahead of us,” says Luca Di Michele.

Matthew Bezzina laid praise to Mr. Di Michele saying, “Luca fully deserves this position. He has been given the space to grow and has shown incredible ownership and leadership in building the technology that drives our platform with his team. He shares the same love and passion towards the brand as we do, and today knows this business inside out. We are fully confident that together with his growing team, we will keep our technology on its steady path, making an international success of it in the exciting years that lay ahead of us”.


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