eCabs awarded as most inclusive company

January 12, 2021

Earlier this year, eCabs expanded its fleet to include a fully equipped van with a motorised lift, capable to serve both wheelchair users and other passengers accompanying them.

To date, 1500 persons have used this service which eCabs has been offering free of charge.

Launched last April, the service is being offered to all persons certified by the CRPD as requiring accessible transport, who would need to visit a hospital or a clinic, be they public or private.

In addition, a training programme was launched together with Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD) in order to train staff members how to ensure the right service level is offered to people with disabilities.

At eCabs, inclusivity is not only limited to its employees, but is also reflected through services it offers, in line with its strategic commitment to offer affordable mobility to everyone.

eCabs has just been awarded the ‘Premju Soċjetà Ġusta’ as the workplace that offers the most inclusive environment. eCabs was shortlisted together with another 16 companies including Lombard Bank, GO, Mizzi Organisation, G4S, General Soft Drinks, JF Group, Camilleri Holdings and Maypole amongst others.

Receiving the award, eCabs’ Chief Officer for Human Capital and Corporate Services Marvin Cuschieri said “this award comes as an honour to our company and is testament to the consistent and committed work we undertake to make eCabs a model employer that is looking into the future with resolve towards its ambitious objectives. This year has dealt us quite a surprise and we’ve had to adapt across the board very quickly to be able to support our people and their diverse needs.”

“But this year also taught us a lot, especially that no matter what the circumstances are, we need to keep supporting our people as best we can. The company in fact, offers flexible work arrangements with its staff, learning and development opportunities and promotes an equal and inclusive environment,” added Mr. Cuschieri.


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